I Hate These Things

I hate being itchy.   I hate it when people expect me to believe in God. I hate it when the computer doesn't respond the way I expect it to.  I hate colds.  I hate mens clothes.  I hate bad spelling.  I hate cleaning. I hate burnt food.  I hate to waste food. I hate it when food spoils.  I hate bullies.  I hate liars.   I hate the fact that I'm always alone  no one seems to want to spend time with me.   I hate the idea of animals being eaten   they  are friends not food.   I hate animals being killed for sport.   I hate cribbage cause I don't understand it.   I hate chess cause it gives me a headache.  I hate most sports. I hate the sight of blood.  I hate bad movies.   I hate being insulted.   I hate those that assume things without bothering to ask.   I hate new phrases that I don't understand.   I hate text speak language cause I don't know it and don't use it.  I hate needles.  I hate lightning storms.   I hate the hot sweltery summers.
I hate getting drenched in the rain.  I hate doing dishes.   I hate waiting for things. I hate my body.   I hate the fact that I'm fat and ugly.   I hate that someone told me that I can't sing,   I hate my gossipy neighbours.   I hate gossip.  I hate cruelty to animals. I hate lieing landlords.   I hate being poor.
I hate it when my printer doesn't work right.  I hate it when the internet cuts out on me. I hate falling down.  I hate jehoval witnesses.  I hate it when I can't sleep.   I hate it when my eyes get sore.  I hate the fact some animals are killed for clothes. I hate mean people.   I hate when I have to go back to the store cause the cashier made an error.   I hate it when  I go to the store and forget my wallet.  I hate talking on the phone.  I hate listening to telemarketers.   I hate being accused of what I don't feel I be.   I hate not being able to do everything I want.   There's probably more things I hate but I'll end here.
aquarius3 aquarius3
Jan 17, 2013