Why ?

************* TOOK MY ******* MP3 Player..... HAD ALL MY ******* MUSIC ON IT AND SOME ******* HAD TO ******* TAKE IT !?!?!?!? THANKS A ******* LOT (Censored) THANKS A ******* LOT >_>.... Great now i'm going to have to get my ******* 186 songs back...hope you're ******* happy (censored)...They also took some other **** like pills (******* druggies >_>).... I'm just glad they didn't take my ps3 or i would have to find out where they live and ....... nevermind let's just forget about it >_>

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1 Response Feb 13, 2010

I hate theifs they are the lowest form of life and scum of the earth.I know how you feel my moms Ipod got stolen from her car in the middle of the night by 2 men and she had it on tape.She called the police they really couldn't do anything.