I can't stand this EP member. claims to be a 60+ year old man. answered very rudely to my question several times. what an idiot. you do realize when a sniper fires he gives away his position? wow man.. stupid as hell. ok people, troll alert. throw this sucker out. anyone wanna know his name? i'll warn you gladly
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You find them all on here . I am a male and i had a male asking me to add him on and he wanted to take me to some deserted island . i said no thank you . he got all pissed off and became rude .Then i wrote a story about i am a straight male and for all the gay men to leave my *** alone and got called a sexist . I don't have a problem with them as long as they leave me alone . and some people are . rude , then you find some really great people on here . some pure sweet angels . its go through the EP lobby . throw away the trash and keep the treasures . you seem like a great person , and you shouldn't have to put up with those type of people . just throw them out and block them from getting to you . if that doesn't work . Just scream DYLLLLLLLLLLLANNNNNNN . i will be here ;) .

i can't even remember who right now. and i'm not gonna try to. bad memories are like trash. they need to be thrown out