Is This Really Needed....

No invader in the history of Afghanistan has had any lasting effect.  Russia, Britain, Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great.  The country -- if it is that -- has always been a loose collection of warring tribes.  When the US leaves, it will return to that.  We are wasting our time, our money, and lives. 

Vietnam was a waste.  We can tell because we lost and it didn't make a difference.  Well to the 50,000 US soldiers, and their families it did, but we lost and we are still here.  We actually haven't won a war since WW2 and we didn't do that on our own.

Why don't we get out of the war business?  What good does it get us? 
KatzNYammer KatzNYammer
61-65, M
Sep 21, 2011