Whatever Happened to Osama What's-his-face?

I live in a huge military town, so I've gotten to witness a lot of the mess that this war has caused. I know a lot of people who are split up from their loved ones. I know kids who haven't yet met their fathers. And because I sometimes work at the VA, I've seen the guys who've gotten body parts blown off, who are paralyzed, with zero-chance of recovery. The one that really got me was this 23 year old soldier who had gone on three tours in Iraq. The last one finally got him, and he got blown up by an IED. His legs were a mutilated mess, and he was paralyzed essentially from the neck down. He had a wife and two kids. When I met him, he was pissed off at the world, lashing out at everyone around him, and I don't blame him. More and more young soldiers are coming in to the VA, too. A lot of them are actually bodily intact, but all of them have bad things going on in their heads. PTSD, major depression, generalized anxiety. The worst ones are the female soldiers who were raped by their own side. What kind of **** is that? There are the other terrible stories, like that 14 year old Iraqi girl that soldiers raped, while they killed her family, and when they were done, they killed her and set everyone on fire. Or that story about the random guy they found and shot just because they needed to shoot somebody, and they set his body up to look like he was trying to blow them up. I'll just briefly mention Abu Ghraib. That **** made me want to throw up. And honestly, I don't buy the "heat of war" argument. I've met plenty of soldiers who have been in blazing gun battles and who never once thought about raping children or indiscriminately shooting civilians. The fact of the matter is that the people who perpetrated these crimes were already criminals even before they got to Iraq, and chances are they would've eventually gone postal over here even if there had never been a war. The thing that makes this war the worst: we still haven't caught bin Laden. And Afghanistan is falling apart because we're not spending our resources there instead. What a ******* waste.
victorious victorious
26-30, M
May 10, 2007