What Makes This World Suck Is Humanity

I hate this world, not because of its beautiful oceans or mighty mountains. Nor do I hate it for its cool breeze or Summer sun. I hate this world because it is full of stupid people that try to box me into their world of pettiness and stupidity. People know nothing. They are fools all on the march to some kind of punishment by a higher being, and that is what they deserve. People are inherently fools. Misplaced faith is faith placed in your country, your job, your friends, your family, your church, and yes even the things you think you enjoy. This world is not made of earth. It is made of sh!t. There is no such thing as a genuine emotion. There is no such thing as love, hate, joy, sorrow, happiness, or regret. When I die I don't want to meet God, because Heaven must have been made for the fools He created. When I die, I don't want to meet the Devil, because Hell is the only forgiveness people will know. If their is a higher power, the only thing that higher power can do let anyone rest is destroy all that He has created and then kill Himself. God is a dirty little bastard that has the face of a man, and the feet of a pig. To Hell with God too!

HateItAll HateItAll
36-40, M
Feb 17, 2010