Bikini Panties Are Much Better

As a panty fetishist, I am turned on by panties on women. But, I am turned off whenever I learn that a woman is wearing a thong. Why? Well, for one, I find thongs to be kind of trashy. That certainly doesn't mean the girl herself is, but this still brings me to my next point. I honestly think thongs don't look all that good. They're just thin strips of string. Not much in the way of smooth, graceful curves or anything. And there's less "room" to show the cute colors or designs - and less smooth, comfy fabric to feel. I am a panty fetishist, and seeing any "lack" of panties is kind of saddening.

Don't get me wrong, I don't like granny panties, but I really don't like thongs either. I think bikini panties are the best combination. They are skimpier and more attractive than granny panties - but still have more fabric and appeal than thongs.
DocSissy DocSissy
26-30, M
Jan 21, 2013