3 Times Is Nothing!

Sorry sjuochkns - I have been getting a call every other day for about 2 months -


"This is your final call to save money and extend your vehicles warranty"  I think, thank you lord that I won't get another one - day later - "This is your final call......"  and when I try to touch a button to talk to a Rep. and say TAKE ME OFF YOUR LIST - NOW!  It just clicks and hangs up so even if I wanted to extend my warranty, I wouldn't be able to! 

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Meena - that is hilarious!<br />
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Thank goodness the calls stopped!! Now if the political parties would stop calling about needing more money so that they can continue to call me and send me stuff asking for money, I would be a very happy person!! LOL!

i would get the same kind of calls and i really wanted to ask them which vehicle they were talking about, since i never owned one! :)

please do

I hear you - if it continues much longer - I am calling the Business Bureau and see if there is ANYTHING I can do to stop them!<br />
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Then, you know I will share it if there is a great solution!

It's annoying because it comes up as a different number each time too. So I always hear it.

Glad to oblige and help you out!<br />
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I think it is so funny that you are getting what sounds like THE EXACT kind of calls!

How funny. I get this same phone call, and at the same interval! I've been thinking that it must be they just have the wrong warrantyless person, but now that I know they're calling you too, I guess they just pick us at random!?! It's so annoying, isn't it? Especially the frantic sounding message, and especially not being able to opt out no matter what acrobatics you do with the numbers on the phone. <br />
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I have no idea how I got here to your story, but thanks for being my first comment!