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I dunno about anybody else, but i cant stand those foot-long elf ears made popular by WoW. Elf ears are supposed to be only slightly pointier than human ears along the top.

Kiyaka Kiyaka
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Wow Stupid

WoW didn't make those style ears popular. Elves in Japanese anime have almost always had long ears of varying degrees. WoW copied their ear style from Japanese video games, which had been influenced by anime.

i have elf ears can i change the shape of them because i get bullied

I didn't realize that the things with big ears where still supposed to be elves....<br />
Though to be fair to mythology, the Tolkien style elves are more akin to the Celtic Tuatha De Duane or Sidhe than English elves. The English elves are more Keebler elf style. But none of them have big ears ;-P

I think this is one of those things you might be best to let go.<br />
It's gonna be alright.<br />