I Hate "Threatening" E-mails

I hate it when I get E-mails that are threatening, the ones that people send that are about God, or the ones that are supposed to be funny and then you get to the end of the E-mail and it says thing like "if you don't send this to 10 people in the next hour your going to hell, or your going to have bad luck for the next 2yrs".  First of all I don't have 10 people to send it to, 2nd of all I don't want to push my belief's on a friend or family member, so why do other people!  I have enough bad luck!!

I like to talk to my friends and family by E-mail.  I have friends who work alot and E-mail helps us stay in touch, and friends and family in different states, so E-mail is really nice to have.  There's a couple of people who send me those E-mails even though I have asked nicely and not so nicely NOT to send them, they still don't listen. I don't believe in them, but for some reason they drive me CRAZY!!

keyna keyna
36-40, F
2 Responses Mar 23, 2008

Those kind of threats don't scare me. I just ignore them or block them and move on.

That's no FAIR!! (ha ha)