An Unhealthy Obsession, Or The Responsible Thing To Do?

While I think being punctual is important and the responsible thing to do -- like honouring a commitment to someone else, who is taking time out of their day to meet you -- my need to be on time remains a problematic obsession.  I worry too much about how long it will take to get somewhere and usually overshoot quite a bit.  In my teens, for example, I used to leave two hours before a movie was supposed to begin, when it took me maybe twenty minutes, tops, to get to the theatre.  While I'm not quite that bad any more, my desire to be somewhere when I say I'm going to has made me get to a doctor's appointment or to job interview half-an-hour early.  Sometimes, though, in an effort to relax and not be so paranoid, I've left with not enough time to get somewhere, or get stuck in construction I didn't know would be along my route.  Then I feel awful about NOT being on time. 

I just think it's rude and disrespectful to not arrive somewhere when you say you're going to, or to arrive unprepared.  You know, I recently lead a group that did a mock tour of Austrilia in a tourism class I took.  Although my presentation wasn't perfect, I made sure to prepare as much as possible.  But another group, whose destination had been Egypt, hadn't prepared at all, and ad libbed nearly their entire presentation.  It was shoddy, unco-ordinated, and just didn't come off sounding good at all.  I would be so ashamed and self-conscious doing that, not being prepared.  It's just the way I am.  I like being structured and pretty organized.
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1 Response Aug 6, 2010

Ahhhh, I have the same philosophy on time... I like you!;)

Thanks for reading my story and your kind words. I appreciate your feedback.