It's my family that tries to always tell me what to do. Well, my immediate family...I have a mother, step dad, and 5 older sisters and I am the youngest...and at 27 (with a child thats 7) you'd think they would back off a little and give me space...but no. Just sister texts me and kinda gives me a lecture because I haven't called them or texted them or anything...It's only been a week and a half since I last seen and spoke to her! Like, seriously they make it out like I am the bad one because I am not calling them up or FBooking them or whatever. I can't even seem to have a break from my family because immediately they think something is up or that I am mad or that I am keeping to myself too much. And really, I am just tired of always travelling back and forth to go a visit them. I love my sisters but they can be so vicious now. I mean what they are basically saying to me is this: you shouldn't be at home during your reading week, you should be over here visiting and you should call us, because God forbid we call you. I mean whatever, they want to be like that then thats not my concern. I mean I have been going back and forth from my side of the city to theirs visiting since every weekend or every other weekend. And now that I just want to stay in at my place its bad for me...really? I pay alot of money for this apartment and why the hell shouldn't I stay home? I am so sick and tired of being treated like this from my family. If I do something, anything that seems different they immediately jump to conclusions before knowing the full truth. I mean I have nothing to hide..I don't drink or do drugs or gamble up my I stay home and try to not spend money. I have been on tight budget and I need to be able to save up my money to make it last until my next payday. It's like as if my own choices don't matter. And I am tired of letting my family just treat me like a doormat. And, once I decide to take my stand and say enough is enough, I can make my own it be the end of the world. Really, I bet everyone will get mad and try to make it seem like I am evil or something. Is this wrong for me to do? i think not, but really I know if I tell them that I can live my life on my own terms, they are going to get mad and think of the worst and make this mole hill into a mountain....because that is what happens every time I decide to speak up for myself. Really, its no concern to them about my choices...I love them and I love to visit, but allow me my personal space. Ugh, its irrating and most of all its painful; I mean I feel as though I have done something wrong, when I know I haven't. I feel like my sisters are just wanting to talk about something so their coming up with these ideas about whats wrong with me. I am just tired of this BS, I so can't wait until I have my education finsihed so I can move far away.
earthwindfirewater earthwindfirewater
26-30, F
Feb 24, 2012