But I Do It All the Time

Oh, how I hate to fly.  I understand the physical idea of flying, but I still feel like we're going to fall out of the sky. 
Or crash land.
And the problem is that I fly ALL THE TIME.
So, whenever I fall asleep on a plane, if there is any turbulence at all, I dream that we are crashing.  I freak out in my dream and panic, and anticipate the moment of impact.  But impact isn't where these turbulence dreams end.  Oh, no.  They keep going for as long as I'm sleeping and as long as the turbulence lasts.  And it's this weird sleep/but slightly aware kind of in-between world that I can't wake from. 
Now it's gotten to where I get anxious about the flight before it happens because I'm afraid to feel my own fear.  It's shi-t-ty.  I keep thinking that because I fly so freaking much, it increases the probability that I'll die in a crash.
I've got to get on a plane tomorrow...
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Aug 15, 2007