Awesome, Hot And Out Of My Reach!!

so here I am on every dating site you can name. no luck what so ever and then "bam" out of the blue this Awesome hot guy with a great profile sends me a flirt, and I respond back then he sends me an IM request and I gladly accept it. well guess what?? after all that I try to chat with him and the site says I have to pay?! what the heck really?? well they can kick rocks because Iam not paying for a dating site and then get screwed over period. so yea I was not a happy camper.... Raaaaar... lol   

Dating sites suck.
spartanqueen26 spartanqueen26
26-30, F
2 Responses Jan 24, 2012

I have a feeling it was an employee of the site or someone they pay to get people going then make them pay.Be careful of dating sites.EP is free and there are so many people you can easily get to know and get out on a date with.have talked to alot that have.

Dating sites suck worse for men though. Really, not kidding. Requires taking A LOT of rejection. EP is a good alternative just to interact- and not think about being lonely Anyway, would like to be a friend (take a look at profile, thx).