Missing You Already!!!!!!

  • Today i got news that a childhood friend died from cancer,and i already miss him and now i have to say good bye. I don't want too!!! He was to young to died 33yrs old way to young. I know that he is not suffering any more he was always in pain in and out the hospital the doctor's said he had some time left but no it was time.God called his angel home yes it's very sad but i know his pain is gone as he is in heaven smiling down at his love ones. So i say GOOD BYE good friend you will be missed I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! I will see you in heaven GOOD BYE 

1lbat0po56 1lbat0po56
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1 Response Jun 6, 2010

Keep strong & think of the good times, time is a healer and it will get better.. I promise darling! he is with you in spirit sending love & peace xxx