Not Afraid To Stick Up For Others

I'm an idealist someone who believes you should treat others the way you wish to be treated. I can't stand to see others being put down or bullied. Or even worse to see someone in pain.Growing up I was treated badly and put down by other girls on occasion but I'd keep quiet instead of sticking up for myself. So perhaps it's strange that the second someone else was being put down I'd spring to their aid with no fear.

I still recall the handful of bigger occasions. I should probably explain that during my schooling I was the shy, wall flower type who just wanted to blend into the corner. The first occasion was in middle school. Although I'll share two experiences from high school. In one story I was a senior and was climbing the stairs to the fourth floor when I caught a huge senior over 6"0 trying to trip freshman down the stairs. 0_0 Before I thought it over I was confronting the girl and her friends warning her to stop her behaviour and that I'd stop her myself if she made another move. She muttered rude words under her breath, glared at me and then moved on thankfully.

My last story also comes from senior year on a school excursion where we had to work on projects with students from other schools. My best friend and I were put in a group with two of the "popular girls" from my school and two other girls from another school. As the teacher was explaining the task the popular girls wrote signs saying how they didn't want to work with one of the other girls from another school as she was black and that they were stuck in an uncool group... they pointed the sign across the room at their buddies before using the rope for the task to mock hanging themselves rather than work with the group. Once we were allowed to speak I was disgusted and said something along the lines of "Stop trying to pretend your so cool. Your not fooling any one. You know I feel sorry for you. You pretend to hang yourselves or shoot yourselves because your in this group? You are pathetic making fun of others to make yourself feel better. You might be popular now but your not intelligent, creative or kind. What are you going to do when you leave highschool? I can see you pumping their gas one day. *pointing to the girls from the other school*. So you may not like being in this group but believe me your going to do your share of this work." Now there is nothing wrong with working at the gas station and perhaps that wasn't the best thing to say but sometimes it the heat of it the wrong things come out ones mouth. I was infuriated with their racism in paticular.

The girls were stunned that the girl they had never heard speak had with fearless passion in her voice confronted them. Staring them dead in the eye. The teacher soon told us to break for lunch and when we got back the girls were working on our project. I've never seen them do work in class. Whats more they were pretending or trying to be nice!! Greeting us as we sat down. It's strange with some people that you have to treat them such a way to get an ounce of respect.

To this day I'll stand up for someone if they are being put down. I know how it feels to be put down and looking back I'd love it if just one time someone would have protected me. I believe each person can make a difference.. bullies only exist if we as a society and individuals let them.

To anyone who has stood up for someone thank you sincerly.. <3
fiorabelle fiorabelle
22-25, F
May 5, 2012