The Emptyness

yesterday i watch my mate leave my pack i was so sad and i still am. i wanted to leave the pack because it would not be the same with out her but i stayed but i never wanted her to leave. she lost every thing her friends her family her home like she was kicked to the cerb and told to get out we dont want you here no more all she has is me thats all she got. to me it doesn't feel right to sit here and let things happen but now i know things happen for a reason and the reasons are ment to hurt use.
i never wanted to see you leave ghosclaw i will be with you until the end
i will be here if you need me what are you going to do now
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2 Responses Mar 8, 2012

Tamaska it's ok. I'm fine. You need to just stay with the pack and do what you have to. I'm a grown wolf I can take care of myself.

be careful and good luck

i know

i know your a grown wolf and i know you can take care of your self but which is better having a family or being alone

I can handle being alone.Im pretty used to it.

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dont worry shes a wolf wolves can do anything have confidence she can sruvive i promise its probaly her calling to the wild to become a wolf fully just trust her