Clothes Suck

especially with being a girl. bras are uncomfortable. all the outfits have to match or you're basically shot. finding a shirt in the morning takes forever when i really don't care. they're uncomfortable and a lot of materials are irritating.
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I've felt the same way for along time, I grew up in a clothing opp home, my sister and myself did not have to wear clothing if we did'nt want to, my mom would go topless much of the time during the summer. It was not uncommon on a Sunday morning to sitting at the breakfast table either naked or with very little on with the family.<br />
So I've always not hated, but disliked clothes, but one has to go to school, work, etc. So as long as it's not cold as soon as I'm in the house the clothes come off.

Lucky ladies

I agree. Fortunately I don't need to wear a bra.