I Hate To Wear Clothes.

Great Headline.  My solution to this predicament is I don't wear clothes.  At least not at home.  I do everything possible naked.  There are a few things which require minimum cover like frying, but just about everything else can be done naked.  According to my searches, it would be quite legal for me to be naked in public.  I haven't tried it yet, and one of my neighbors got a bit excited the last time I went out topless.  However I can be naked at home whenever I want, and I am.
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I also am always naked in my home. I best best that way.

In Wellington ?
I was born at Paekak, lived my life on the Coast.
Now in Whangarei.
At 26C here, wearing clothes is optional, but I still like a chiffon thingy swirling around my body.
Do agree though, clothes are just to keep out the cold

I don't hate clothes, I'd just rather not wear them. I live where it's very hot in the summer so my clothes rarely make it past the laundry room when I enter the house. I'm almost always naked at home unless it's cold. I've steped out the front door many times nude to retrive the paper and only been caught once by another old guy walking his dog and he could have cared less.

well i dont think the police would like to see someone walking the city of n.y. naked. you still have to obey the law.besides they would arrest you and probably take you to BELLVUE. nobody needs that drama. hey there are plenty of places you can find to be naked but the streets of n.y. not a good idea.

Response to Brubryant.<br />
You'd be surprised. My neighbour is a bit older than I am. And English; although She has lived in New Zealand a long time. In her defence though, some people think I'm a little weird.<br />
I'm not weird. Just" Different". At least, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

I would not think anyone would get too excited seeing a man topless with a shirt.