I've always thought it was more fun to be naked, but since I'm underage I can't go to a nudist colony and walk around naked. I can't even do that in my house, haha. Can't wait until I'm 18 so I can *****! :D I hate clothing, so I don't like to wear alot of it.
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if ur serious, you might try wearing less and less clothing with no underwear at home... and also gently get ur parents more comfortable seeing you naked 'accidently' by perhaps taking ur time getting dressed after a shower, walking slowly naked between ur room and bathroom, dashing naked to living room or kitchen to get something you need etc.... <br />
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they will also see you now n then if you start doing more stuff naked when ur alone in ur room, but it will be hard for them to get as mad at you for doing it.... you need time and patience, but this stuff has worked for other young people trying to enjoy a naked lifestyle...

actually are old enough. you can go to a nude beach or resort. you dont have to wait till you are 18. go for it

First thing off there is no such thing as a nudist colony. They are nude resorts. Where as little as possible. have you tried jest a sarong? Hopefully you jest enjoy the freedom of being nude and are not seeking sex. For the most part Nude resorts are not sexual places go to a family stile place like a AANR place and not an adult only place (swinger place)

Have you told your parents how you feel?

Sure you can, at least lesson what you do wear. Make yourself a loin cloth or wear a kilt.