I Am Nude But I Can't Find My Pockets

Its so nice to run around w/o clothes. Like when I go to the bathroom I don't have to unzip ... when I take a shower I don't have to get undressed and I don't have to find new clothes to put on ... and on and on,

On the down side ... the neighbors don't understand ( my GF does ) and I can't find my pockets ... when I try to put loose change in my body ... it just falls to the floor ... The Police don't understand ...

Buts all so natural

francis28340 francis28340
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12 Responses May 26, 2008


Not only do you not need unzip but you don't even have to touch your penis and have to wash up after?

i too dont like to get dressed , if i could stay in my briefs all the time 24 /7/365 i would ,

Briefs? That's more then I would want to where Go Nude as often as possible

You could wear one of those lil pouches around your waist...but you really shouldn't, even with clothes.

Not lazy just don't like clothes ... Love Ya ...

But its all true, xcept for the spanking. The tough part is going out to get the paper in the morning. It used to be dark now its light ... I have to make sure I'm awake and remember to put a pair of shorts on ... topless is OK.<br />
Charlie Nude Nude

oh my lol

Yes she does ... does OK mean she wants to spank me?


Its also easier to spank me when I'm nude ... he ha

Well its mostly true ... and it is somewhat amusing ...

i see.