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My Take On naked Is Best...

Not only naked,but bare feet as well.Naked is best especially with kids in the put them to bed naked,and come morning,just wake them,feed them...and chase them outside to play in the dust,grass water and mud,and when they want to come in,chase them through a shower,and and let them in,and after lunch,let them free again, explore and experience life....Its silly fashion clothes that only fit for about three months,and then discarded or put away,at least when they are naked,they dont need clothes....and if it a bit chilly outside,keep them in doors,if you can,or just cut a hole in a blanket (cheap) and drape it over them...I promise wont be long before they shed don't feel cold as we do...the nakeder the better...
Naked is better with teens...they can strut their stuff,and show of their muscular bods....feel free of pier presure,and enjoy liberty....
Adults will be less stressed,more comfy,and save a bundle in clothes and suits.....
The barefoot issue....its healthier,neater and cheaper!Kids dont need shoes....adults neither,and teens neither....Bar feet or bare skin and genitals is better!
kaalpoter kaalpoter 51-55, M 4 Responses Jun 8, 2012

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I already do this with my kids.
Sometimes they go weeks without a stitch of clothing.
The sleep, eat, play, swim, and relax nude.
They even travel (to nude beaches and resorts) nude! We don't bother packing anything but minimal emergency clothes.
The neighborhood kids also come over on a routine basis and immediately shed what little clothes they arrive with, if any!
My home is a nudetopia!

I too like being naked as much as possible and dislike all those that try to condemn us for this. They think nudity is lust full but the cloth's they where are often more lust full then our nude body's.

Yes I agree too, naked is so much more comfortable than clothes and it does save washing.

I have got to agree naked is healthier for mind and body .