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Just Say No to Clothes!!!

I am totally against clothes... first of all we came into this world naked... secondly, clothes and "things" has caused our society to create false ideas of what a person should look like... thirdly, TAN LINES!!! HAH!!!

I just really don't like to have to wear clothes... I HAVE to but that doesn't mean I enjoy it... I patiently await the day that I can just say screw this and be naked all the time!!!

phidget phidget 31-35, F 8 Responses Jun 17, 2008

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I love your are a scream!I agree...say no to clothes...thats what I loved about my late son that I raised a nudist...If I put clothes out for him,he promptly said...."No!I hate them...I don't see why I should wear clothes!My skin must breathe."If i asked him sometimes what he wanted to wear,he just said..."No!Don't like clothes..."and walk off.<br />
If I came off work and he came from the room naked(he slept in the nude) to greet me...hed just tell me to take off those things...I looked silly...When his friends came over ,even as a teen,he remained naked,and I asked him one day if it wouldn't be better if we put on clothes when they came over,(especially me)he was after all more handsome than me and better endowed,He just responded with a..."No! Why? If I am naked,you must be to,and if they don't like it,they can find another friend...we are nudists,and we just don't wear clothes,dad!Deal with it!Clothes suck!"

Yeah that is what i do as soon as i get home from ANYWHERE (Unless i have guests except my boyfriend) I Just take off EVERYTHING and sometimes i **********.

can i be naked with you???

Even heated swimming pools won't see me. It's very cold here at the moment, and I need to get this prison tan away from me.

Yeah it does... hahaha... I'd like to be back home right about now too... but alas I am in Georgia... where its hot but no wind is blowing and the closest body of water is a river that at this moment is pretty warm b/c it's low... argh!

Hawaii has sun damnit, it's winter here. lol

What you going to Hawaii for??? I'm in GA silly... HAHAHA... and if you read it it said I HAVE to wear clothes... so I am actually fully clothed... at the moment at least... HAH!

*books flight to Hawaii*