Just Say No to Clothes!!!

I am totally against clothes... first of all we came into this world naked... secondly, clothes and "things" has caused our society to create false ideas of what a person should look like... thirdly, TAN LINES!!! HAH!!!

I just really don't like to have to wear clothes... I HAVE to but that doesn't mean I enjoy it... I patiently await the day that I can just say screw this and be naked all the time!!!

phidget phidget
31-35, F
7 Responses Jun 17, 2008

Yeah that is what i do as soon as i get home from ANYWHERE (Unless i have guests except my boyfriend) I Just take off EVERYTHING and sometimes i **********.

can i be naked with you???

Even heated swimming pools won't see me. It's very cold here at the moment, and I need to get this prison tan away from me.

Yeah it does... hahaha... I'd like to be back home right about now too... but alas I am in Georgia... where its hot but no wind is blowing and the closest body of water is a river that at this moment is pretty warm b/c it's low... argh!

Hawaii has sun damnit, it's winter here. lol

What you going to Hawaii for??? I'm in GA silly... HAHAHA... and if you read it it said I HAVE to wear clothes... so I am actually fully clothed... at the moment at least... HAH!

*books flight to Hawaii*