Okay... This is my opinion and a lot of people will probably disagree

Clothes are so stupid, why would we want to cover our body's? Sure.. There's perverts.. But mostly because they fantasize about what's under your clothes.. If nobody had clothes it'd be like "oh look.. Another naked person. Big deal" we were literally ALL born naked.. Everything would be much easier.. I doubt very many people would be self conscious.. There would be nothing to hide..
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14 Responses Sep 1, 2014

have you ever been to a nudist resort or nude beach? you will meet the nicest people there

I agree! Life would be wonderful!

I believe your totally right!!

dude thats i love the anser

That is exactly what happens at a nudist resort.

I believe that is a true fact

Well said.
I hope you can find the courage to match your maturity, and fight for the things that you believe in.
Good luck.

adults do remember your imagination was so free,without fear retribution she tells us how it is.................. its great to hear how they see the world,...........crAZY KIDS ..........lol..x

Right now, are you barefoot, in socks, or shoes and socks?
help me go bareoot

But POCKETS? D: Where would I put my nick-nacks?
...Don't answer that. :S

So true .I am a nudist dad of 4 only my oldest at 24 has lost his virginity the others just arnt that bothered . We had a very open door policy at home and no subject was ever taboo so it holds no great surprises for them .They are also happy in their own skin.

Because we'd be cold 😱 😁

England, its always bleedin cold, even when its hot, its cold 😁

Probably not, but compared to the Sahara desert. ☺️ we may as well be an ice cube

Very wise

What a refreshing mentality. If only you ruled the world.