Toads... Bleugh!

Toads are the next scariest thing after cliff edge heights!  In North Queensland, Australia, they run rampant and accumulate under hot water systems or anywhere else their slimy, warty bodies can fit.  When my daughter was just 3, a huge cane toad jumped on her foot and I ran inside screaming, shutting the door with her still outisde, I didn't even grab her because it scared me so much, lol.  Recently, I was riding my bike home in the rain and swerved to avoid what I thought was a huge runny dog poo...  But alas, as I got closer I realized it was a big ugly toad, yuuuuck!  Not much kills them, and they are a HUGE pest here. Sigh.
wavystarz wavystarz
31-35, F
Jun 27, 2007