I Really Cannot Figure It Out

What is the fascination with this guy? His acting sucks, let's face it. When I watch a Tom movie, I NEVER forget I'm watching Tom C. Not like with other actors, such as Johnny Depp. And on top of that, Tom always plays the same type of character, a cocky, arrogant, wise guy ***** douchebag who thinks he is the ****. Only two movies I ever liked him in, Cocktail (go ahead laugh, because its funny) and Tropic Thunder.

His new movie, Jack Reacher, is the same reguritated Hollywood crap….just like Mission Impossible. Yet I see people online raving about how great it is. I still think he's gay and its obvious he got a nose job when you compare his early and later movies.

Goldmember69 Goldmember69
41-45, M
Jan 15, 2013