I Used to

Well I never liked him, but then everybody started hating him because he is not a Jew! and is Scientologist!

I think I pity him now, and wish things were going better for him. He is not a bad actor, he's played really good roles in some movies. I think he deserves another chance, I am sure he is a freak, but aren't we all, in some ways!?

I just sympathies with him now. I have done some stupid embarrassing things in my life, I would expect more understanding and forgiveness. So I give him that.

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Your Grace,<br><br />
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Thank you for reading my story, I have seen all his movies except for the last 2, tropic thunder and Valkyrie.<br><br />
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But I guess I have not paid enough attention. You are right about the choice, and he is really rich and influential, if not that good as actor!<br><br />
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And women these days want to be thin to death, so I am not sure if it is for Tom!<br><br />
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your humble admirer

No you are right, he is really possessive and calculating. I didn't know about these, but I am sure since he couldn't have babies with Nicole, he wants as much as possible with Katie!

They didn't go to the oscars becasue she is so weak from completing a detox diet prior to becoming pregant with thier next child. I mean how manipulative is that. Also this calculating when the next conception takes place. Give me a break what happened to spontaneity, passion, champagne, oysters, the ripping of silk underwear..ok I'm going a little off message here.

Well, I think some men are really possessive, I am not sure if Tom is directly to blame for Katie becoming too thin, but sure she wanted to impress him!<br />
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I like her too, she is really cute and lovely, shameful she doesn't play that much anymore.

The thing i have against Tom is he is ruining Katie. I have a crush on her form Dawson Creek days. Now she is too thin

@ Lacey, I will rent tropic thunder, I heard a lot bout it, thank you for suggesting it.<br />
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@ Steve, I guess you are right, hate is really strong word for someone who had just jumped up a couch!! I think people should be free to believe anything they want, as long as their believes does not hurt others.

Hate's a strong word and I don't associate that with you Mahsa. I saw Cruise work the red carpet at a premiere in London. He spent hours with the fans. He also took a mobile from a teenage girl and spoke to her mother, who could not believe her ears. i thought he was warm and funny. Ok Scientology is weird. I read some of Hubbards stupid books. The concepts were plain silly but worse the virtual absence of any linguistic ability beggars belief that anyone could believe this stuff. Makes the Muslims and born agains almost sensible.

I guess you are right, but still I am a common person and when I embarrass myself, which happens a lot, it can never hit the news, but if I was famous, things would be different!<br />
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I wouldn't ask others to sympathize with him, but I do.