I Am Not Alone!

Finally, a place I can come to and simply state that I do not like tomatoes, but love catsup, tomato soup and tomato sauce that doesn't have those terrible little pieces or chunks of tomatoe in them.

When I get a sandwich which some idiot has put a tomatoe slice on it, I immediately take it off.  I pluck pieces out of salads, enchiladas, sauces...anytime I see them and no matter how small.  It gives me the creeps to know if there a single piece floating around my mouth.  I can't imagine ever biting into one and would rather have a tooth pulled.

I have learned to politely state that "I am allergic" to tomatoes, which people generally accept until they see me eating pizza or squirting lots of ketchup on both sides of a hamburger bun.  When they point out the obvious, I just laugh and say, "everyone's entitled to at least one phobia and I'm dealing well with mine".

My friend, the  psychology major, once told me it was probably a sexual thing, the ripe, lushous tomato representing an ovum or some part of a female's anatomy.  This confused me as I have never seen a females privates look anything like a tomato, even when you peek inside there.

Anyway, that's my story and feel much better in sharing it.  If you saw this web site, opened it up and bothered to register, you probably need this forum worse than I do...but YOU ARE NOT CRAZY...there is neither reason to rationalize this behavior, nor to justify it.  Your OK and I'm OK as long as nobody gets hurt.

By the way, I really am not crazy.  Really.



kappelt kappelt
51-55, M
Feb 13, 2009