They're disgusting...they make me gag...gross, gross, gross...I like ketchup though...and pizza sauce and marinara sauce...and I like just the juicy part of salsa, not the chunkies...tomatoes are just nasty...nastiest vegetable/fruit I know

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I also like tomatoes any way but raw and natural.

haha, yay! More tomatoes for me! I love them. I can eat the cherry tomatoes like candy! Mmm, mmm, good! haha.

I hated tomatoes for a very long time, and only recently have begun to SLOWLY incorporate them into my food, finely chopped up of course. They are actually one of the best fruit/veggies you can eat health-wise, but I still can't eat them any larger than diced. Watching someone eat a tomato like an apple almost makes me gag. :P

"Watching someone eat a tomato like an apple" --
Ha ha. I can't eat a tomato like this. My mother did this sometimes, actually. I agree that fresh tomatoes are nasty. I like every other form though (ketchup, sauces, canned and seasoned).