Quiet Please!

I have a problem with noise and loud sound. My tolerance for it varies a bit, depending on different factors (stress level, amount of sleep, anticipation of the sound, personal meaning attached to the sound, etc.) It's not that I absolutely can't handle it, but it usually bothers me and I try to avoid it. On occasion, I've even been to concerts, but I typically turn them down unless it's a favorite artist of mine.
I've had many embarrasing moments because loud sound startles me. In school, people drop text books on the floor and slam lockers. These sounds would make my ears ring and startle me very badly. I get quite aggravated when people talk loudly, and at one time I would shy away from people with loud voices. All the time people make sudden, loud, sharp sounds. At school, I would take note of whoever would typically drop/slam books, and when I saw them coming to their locker or desk I would press on my traguses.
I often get very aggravated at people who make loud noises, especially my family. I get aggravated because, many times people are unnecessarily loud. I get sick of the response "It's not loud!" Don't they understand that loudness is subjective?
Sometimes, when people talk loudly, I get a strange kind of vibratory buzzing sound in my right ear. I really hate feeling some sounds in my ears... things like setting down dishes and opening soda cans bother me at times. I carry ear plugs with me wherever I go.
In short, I find many loud sounds and noise to be very intrusive and distressing.
throughthewindow throughthewindow
18-21, F
Nov 26, 2010