Common Sense Should Prevail

Not only is it common sense, it's also a matter of courtesy to others to wash your hands after using a public toilet.  I detest it when people just walk out without washing and grab the doorknob to open it.  I will do almost anything to avoid touching that doorknob.  Also, during the recent swine flu scare, lots of public buildings had disinfectant solutions at the doors on the way in.  Did people use them?  Not many.  Some people looked insulted at the idea that they might have germs on their hands.  Likewise in hospitals.  How many people I have seen who deliberately ignore disinfectant dispensers on the way in, and probably grab the person they are going to see by the hand and wish them well, while at the same time smearing the patients hand with something like MRSA, etc.  In fairness to the poor doorknob, it's a victim, not a perpetrator.  If people paid a liitle bit more attention to a hand hygiene, then none of us might have aversion to the doorknob.

RoseViolet RoseViolet
46-50, F
Feb 19, 2010