My Girl Loves Girls Loves Guys Pov

I hate all of this 'it's cool, it's trendy, I should do it' attitude. Shall I start, say, with an example? Let's take religion. Buddhism in Hollywood was HUGE a few years back....then it was Kaballah....and now it's scientology.

It doesn't matter if it's might even add to the fire...people mimic other people.

This extends now to my own damned sexuality. I'm not strictly into either men or women, but I get labeled bi and looked at as if I'd hunt down anything that moves for my own sexual sating. And, by being bi, I am automatically gay. And, by being gay, I'm automatically cool to be around or imitate.

Gay people are not better or cooler than straight people. I've met gay people who are right anal bastards (no pun intended), and straight people who I can really talk to. And yet girls will go out fishing for gay guys to befriend and take to local malls where they will inevitably bond over fashion and fat-free lattes, while I am told a mullet and flannel shirt might be becoming for me.

I don't expect anyone to read this. Still, as an individual restrained by my quiet and spectative nature, it's good to finally write this down. People, think for your ******* selves. Don't assume things, and just look at a person as an individual, regardless of what categories they might fit under.


Thank you.

wolfton wolfton
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4 Responses Oct 11, 2006

Mullets are sexy. Especially if you are wearing a flannel shirt with the sleeves cut off. And acid wash jeans....

I like flannel shirts, and I'm thinking of growing back my mullet...

i know exactly what u mean. labelling people isn't going to change anyone. this is like a less agressive form of prejudice.

Hear, hear. I can't wait until this whole 'you're not a boy until you've had a boy, real girls kiss girls' trend is over. It's insulting to people who are actually struggling with their sexuality and confronting a hugely important and difficult issue in their own lives. For the record, I'm a straight female - I find girls attractive physically, I think the human body both male and female is a beautiful thing, but I know that it would never go as deep as a real attraction or a want to be with them, so I don't act on it - least of all because it's cool. It's as bad as the kids who tell bullshit lies in order to get prescribed prozac, just so they can flash it around and say 'hey everyone, check it out, i'm depressed'; or the girls who will sleep with any old random just so they can say they're not a virgin. The only difference between these and other trends is that these are actually damaging!