Trolls!!! Human? Animal? Or From Some Other Planet In A Galaxy Far, Far Away?

I wonder makes a troll.   I don't understand what plesure can be gleaned from being nasty and getting people upset amd making their lives miserable. I am new to the internet, so I haven't had this experience before.

Oh, yes. I have known people who love to hurt others, but they were people who were directly involved in the lives of the ones they were hurting.  How one could find pleasure in taunting and tantalizing total strangers, is beyond me. I come to EP, to meet people I can chat with and maybe get to know them well enough to enjoy their company. If I come across someone whose company I cannot enjoy, I simply don't bother. I don't try to make them miserable, I just don't bother with them at all. Mostly, I just try to keep a low profile. I have a very small circle. I like it that way, because it gives me time to develop a closer relationship with those in my circle. I am a warm, friendly person who just wants to talk toothers who have no axe to grind.

Someone should start a web site designed just for trolls and they could all gather there and be nasty with each other. Like a wrestling arena. All like minded people could go and trash each other to their hearts content. Oh, wouldn't that be FUN? It might be a very popular site. A whole whack of people are totally hooked on wrestling and extreme fighting, and all the other *so called*  sports. They love to see people getting pummelled, and beaten and trashed. I wonder how they would do in a war zone. Would they run and hide and cry like babies? Or would they stand around and drool with excitement at the blood and gore. And take pictures to gloat over in the privacy of their own bedrooms.
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3 Responses Dec 31, 2010

There already is such a site. The only thing that happens is that they gang up and do even more damage.

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Well, we all have our little addictions. Maybe they can't help themselves.