What`s the point of reading something, and falling inlove with a charator in a book that is not real. There was no point of the novel. It was just a vampire falling in love with a human. We already know that it`s nearly impossible to fall in love with someone who loves you back. So why add a vampire into the mix. And most people have the t-shirts and bags and all kinds off crap that is unnecessary. If he isn`t real don`t bother falling inlove with them.
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WTF? It's fiction!

Those books are crap and the movies are even worse. You have to be a complete moron on to like the series. The saga really proves how brainless people are becoming.

Have you read the series? just wondering. I can tell you that i love the books. I dont fall in love with the characters but with the story. Your totally right about the unnecessary crap people are buying because they are crazy psyco people!!!!