Sharing A Room With A Twilight Fan

 My mom started dating a guy named Glenn. than he moved in....... I love my mom! i'm happy for her and all but like Three years ago. his youngest daughter (my age) came to live with him (my mom's).

We are nothing alike! She a air head, trend following sheep!  as for me......I'm a dark, "goth" like person. ok?

moving on........ My mom made us share a room (ok, whatever right?)

she put her boxes in my room and i fell asleep in my harry potter/ hellboy/ xmen/ anime styled room.    ( i'm saying that soo you know the difference)

than next day i woke up and my awsome room turn to the fluffy pink room from hell!!

I walked up to her and said " What  did you do to my room!?"

she looked up to me and said  " It's my room too and i didn't like how it looked! it's sooo much better now."

I walked back to the room and looked in my book self and half my books where gone. In their place was the twilight saga and disney music.

I grab the 'books' and hide them under her bed and left.

I come back home and she sitting there crying about how " a crime " was made. She was crying over books missing for an hour! I told her  its not a crime..... the books are what a crime.

she walked up to me and slapped me!!! than said " HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT!! THEIR POETRY!! ONLY A TRUE WRITER COULD WRITE THEM!!"

"My foot could write better" i said leaving and than she cried and cried and told my mom I slapped her and yelled at her.

about a year later the twilight moive came out...... and the room became a pink fluffy twilight fan dream room....

after that I told my mom I'm living with Dad now.......bye.

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She called them poetry, eh? LOL! I tried to read the first book even though I knew I would probably hate it because the girls I work with kept squaking about it so I thought I would five it a try. I made it through the first four chapters and all they were was some teeny bopper complaining about how horrible her life supposedly is and how awkward she feels. I do not understand how women my age and older are reading them. The writing style reminds me of that of the Baby Sitters Club which I read in like the fourth grade. Poetry??? Hardly...