Don't Like It Too

Stephanie Meyers or whatever her name is can't write ****.I saw the first Twilight movie (pirated copy. sue me) while clipping my toenails. Both books and films (and Taylor Lautner) are criminally overrated. Kirsten Stewart is a pretty good actress. It's a shame all that hype's bogging down her artistic integrity. There are damn good writers out there who deserve a break, but everybody's worshiping a talentless woman. Not to be mean or anything, but some have it, some don't.
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1 Response Jan 6, 2011

ive only seen kristen stewart play the pretty victim(not just twilight) but it think she has great potential but unfortunately only been casted in ****** movies/bad sc<x>ript,hopefully she gets to show more of her talent with better roles!<br />
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your story made me lol :P she cant write for ****, its just popular cos most cant read for **** lol<br />
keep writing!that was very entertaining! :D