Replaceable Bella.

I actually read the first two books. Because I am a firm believer of: don't presume, be knowledgeable before you criticize.
And because I don't want to be a hater without a reason, be prepared for my long rant:

I must say, i really really really dislike what I've read.

I especially hate the "I" person. The main character. The one who you should identify yourself with.
Bella does not have any characteristics to stand out. To me she is not special, outstanding, likeable. She is fully and utterly replaceable by any other female.
It describes a very unbalanced and unhealthy relationship. Edward is the shining, wonderful, beautiful, misunderstood, intelligent etc etc male, Bella... the girl.

I was very very disappointed in the second book. And did not read any of the other twilight books.
Edward leaves the girl. Heartbroken, because of course this male is the very centre of her being. What does she do?? She screams, cries and acts emo. That's okay for a teenage girl... for a little while. But not for months.

And how does she come out of this 'depression'? Yes. By being DEPENDENT on a boy once more. I am sorry, but ... what?! Instead of becoming stronger, independent, more mature... she lets her happiness and well-being be decided by guys. I may sound like a feminist right now. I don't care.
I think Bella sets a very bad example for a whole generation of young girls. You should love yourself before you are able to love someone else

She completely ignores her friends, while they have the best of intentions for her... and only cares for the 2 boys. She treats her friends like sh**. Why is this accepted? Bella is supposed to be the character whom you should recognise yourself in....

In an age where girls have so many opportunities... you get Bella. While there are books throughout history filled with strong intelligent women with personality and willpower (Jane Eyre anyone?) in their own way fighting for their rights and well being.... and there is Bella. Weak, dependent, replaceable. What kind of message is this?? Please please please... don't tell me girls want to be like that?

English is not my first language, however, I have read enough english literature to know when a writer writes well in English. For example: critics dislike the Harry Potter series, but the use language looks quite good to me.
Meyer however, writes like a high school girl. Who did not have the best of grades in English class. Very repetitive use of language, not very descriptive, too many similarly built sentences.
Like her target audience (14 to 16 year-olds who still are in high shool) wrote the book and missing a decent editor.
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Wow I have the same feelings about Twilight, except English is my first language. I read the first book because I heard it was good. Bella annoyed me from the very beginning. She said something like "Forks, Washington is too green". I just couldn't understand why nature being lush and green was a bad thing. I kept reading because I was sucked into the fad of reading them and I wanted to see what everyone else saw in them. I never found it. I gave up reading after the second book. Before I gave up reading the books, I stupidly bought a Team Jacob shirt. That was a waste of money.

Well said!