My step-cousin was staying over at my place when that crappy first movie was coming out. She wouldn't shut up about it, she read the books "8 times" and she made me hate every character. It was annoying hearing it for a month. We went to the midnight showing for it since she dragged me, she's younger than me so I had no choice.... but to watch it....

The whole story was silly, yeah yeah.. he can't read her mind because there is nothing in it and he's so obsessed with it.. ohh sheesh.... that lead actress did not ever, ever ever eeeeever change her facial expression,
AND WHO SPARKLES....... Me, a horror film lover, am so ashamed at how this author created a vampire... to sparkle!!!
they are supposed to burn and turn into ashes, [unless they were with a certain gift of being day walkers] it's been like that forEVER..!
not to SPARKLEEEEEEE with glittery madness!

Anyways. enough about my hatred.

That guy Robert reminds me of Stewie, from Family Guy. He's not even handsome.
I can point out a lot of other things I hate about the book AND the films, but I shall stop, I sound like I have no heart.
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I love you

haha you're saying what most people think, i saw bout 10 minutes of one of the movies and i couldn't handle it! Watch hunger games instead :D