I Love Books, But Not When They're Like This.

A couple of my friends, who are girls, strongly recommended me to read this series. I bought the book thinking it might a little elementary for my tastes, but perhaps the story was written well.

I found it incredibly cheesy. Bella isn't a bad character if you ignore her blatant worship of "the hawtest boi evr!"...which nearly all of the book. She's almost as perfect as Edward except she's clumsy and doesn't know how cute she is. Note to writers, "clumsy" is not a character flaw. Inattentiveness is a mild irritation, that's all. Unless she's tripping over wheelchairs or set loose in a minefield I don't consider it character sculpting.

Edward doesn't act like a vampire who has lived a long time- just a robot; a robot programmed to only love Bella. He doesn't use his wisdom or knowledge to change the world or help people. In fact, he's bored. So he attends high school to be admired by people he finds boring.

Bella like, totally interests Edward because... Oh- he can't read her mind. And she's attractive, but not as hot as his sisters. She's not like other girls because...she's angsty? No, that's not it. She's clingy? No, not that either. I'm not sure but I think it's because she surprises him. That's right, this vampire has lived for lifetimes and never met an interesting girl in his life. Then again he's been looking for "the one" in high schools. The moron.

She buttraped everything that made vampires cool. They're dark, evil, life suckers that abhor light and purity. Unless they're super hot and nice who drive expensive cars and sparkle in the sunlight. Great change, I'm so glad she decided to be original.

I'm sure this was a fan fiction Stephanie Meyer wrote when she was 12, updated, and published.



Konrad Konrad
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Thank you for putting into words what i couldn't.

im going to say i read the books and loved them....yet... everything you just said would be hilarious.. if it wasn't so spot on lmfao.

twilight was a painful read.<br />
I thought after the first 200 pages something would happen..you know, a plot of some sort. And YET.. I'm continuing to read the others, because my friends claim it'll be worth it at some point.

If you want to read a good book read "Is Harvey Dunne?" By K.L. Romo. One of the best books I ever read, it's about a gay guy finding himself basically.

i watched the movie, didn't read the book.. but after watching i don't understand why people are so crazy about twilight. there was too many weird things, the story wasn't strong enough, the love was too instant and i think more research of vampires should have been done here..<br />
just my opinion ^^

Second book was worse than the first, but Jacob is a better choice for Bella than Mr. Sulkey. <br />
<br />
No comparison between Rice and this author. Some of Rice's work is slow, but verry well written.

I haven't never read the book..but i do want to.. do you recommend reading it? Somebody told me it wasn't that good of a book before. <br />
<br />
Ever read any books by Ellen Hopkins? I really like how she writes. She writes poetry but she writes it in novel form. Its easy to read and you can read the whole book in a couple days. (the books are usually over 400 pages)

these are the best books ever lol

It is something that comes naturally to me to stay away from whatever crazy hype going around nearby. Well, it cost me a few months of Harry Potter so I thought I was going to try and give Twilight a chance.<br />
<br />
But every time I convinced myself to go and buy the book, I had to fight nausea over the three line excerpt at the back. Irrevocably in love with him... Urgh. Just like you said, fan fiction written at 12, dusted and then published.<br />
<br />
Also, thanks for taking the time to actually read it and let us know so we don't have to endure the book!

Agreed... and believe it or not...they only get worse from there...

Amen. Enough said.

Reading this story gave me hope! Thank goodness, there are people who realize who horrible that book was. I also read the first one, strictly because everyone was like "You can't say anything bad about the book unless you read it"...so I read it, and I admit it was different than I thought it would be...it was way worse. It was like a bad love story, that happened to be about a vampire, except he doesn't suck blood, yeah, overglorifiied fanfiction is an appropriate comparison.

Yes, I've read both Interview with the Vampire and Lestat. I think focus of the book was less on vampires and more about adjusting with the times and the tragedy of living forever. And Louis was an exception.

A radiant review of cynicism and i applaud you for it! Very entertaining :D I haven't read them but my sister loves the series, so i shall bite my tongue and say no more. *sparkle* lol ;P

People keep telling me to read it, but after reading this, it sounds too much like a teen romance theme instead of the vamp/were culture that I have come to love. I cant stand "oooh I'm a teenager" crap.

I don't intend to read the books. One of my friends recommended I do and gave me an overview of the story. I said "Well, this is a vampire guy who's lived for hundreds of years right? So why is he still attending high school? And why does he find a little girl a fraction of his age to be worthy as his equal?"<BR>Silence. Then she told me not to overthink the story.<br />
You've confirmed my suspicions about the whole thing.

Hahaha! Well said, I agree completely.

NOOOOOOOOOOO. I am kidding. All of your remarks are warranted. We are all allowed to indulge in mindless entertainment from time to time. Knowing you from your comments and stories, I would not have recommended you read it.