My friend forced me to watch it I literally laughed all the way through. Acting was abysmal and sooooooo cheesy!! 

Brooding Edward: Bella.....I can't see you anymore.......(long deep brooding pause) Dear god I cant even begin to convey how much I wanna kill the creature who wrote these god awful books and the god awful director who directed this movie

And whats with the 70s special effects "see me in the light...I look different" he looked ****** glittery and shiny!!!!! WTF 


God worse movie ever...the only people who like it are morons whos don't have a clue what good movies are and emo pre-teens

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1 Response Feb 19, 2009

.....and girls who fantasize about chivalrous men, modern day knights in shining armour who will come out of nowhere to save you. It's kind of a nice fantasy.