My Story

i first saw the film in january. i hadnt heard of the books before.i absolutely loved the film. first thing the next day i went and bought the four books. i read them in three days(im a fast reader i read like a book a day). i then re read them about five times in two weeks. i was completely in love with it for a month. i saw many interviews with the cast and thats how i learned that there are many obsessive fans. i found it surprising that they humiliated themselves in front of rob pattinson just to have him look at them.or that they thought he is the real edward cullen.

one day i typed in google "i hate twilight" and i found so many bloggers saying  that its terrible.most of them wrote very funny stuff about it so i kept on looking.i noticed that they can tell exactly why they hate the saga.they werent just saying that edward is  a retard. they had legitimate reasons as to why they hate it.

unlike twitards who just say cause eddy is hot. that is not reason enough to love the whole is actually damging them to believe in all that and want to find their edward. for gods sake ppl edward is an abusive *********!


while saying all that i belive that we all have a right to an opinion and we can all like/hate watever we want. im not going to try to change their mind.just like i hope they are not going to try and change mine.

natalia2000013 natalia2000013
13-15, F
Feb 27, 2009