Twilight Is Stupid...

Everyone is bowing down to this stupid series and i am tired of it...All day long i hear twilight this and twilight that, but did anyone ever notice that bella is a *****...And even if that is not a lot to say, i still say...TWILIGHT SUCKES!!!

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u know vampires burn in sunlight!?

Glitters in sunlight HA! What a joke.

I like to keep in mind that twilight was writing by a young girl, she obviously knows nothing about vampires.

hah! you wonderful, wonderful people! I'm not alone! ;)

Bella does not exist. She is a defective robot disney threw away because Highschool musical couldn't have possibly been any worse without resulting in death. Twilight producerslater founnd her in the dumpster behind a ***** club, covered in human feces and condoms,.

I bought a shirt that says "And then Buffy Staked Edward....The End!!!!! That is how I feel about Twilight! I am a fan of vampire Novels but COME ON! Vampires don't glitter, and you know ANYONE could play Bella..... "Um....Ok....Sure" DUH. The story is retarded, it is SO stupid to see people fight over who's team they are on PLEASE grow up! <br />
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Maybe these Twlighters have never read a good vampire Novel, or seen the elegance, the mystery the sheer nasty behavior that a vampire can have....Seen Lestat! The only one that acted like a vampire was James and he was killed!<br />
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Do yourself a favor if you really want to read about vampires, and not emo whining BRATS check out ANY of Anne Rices Vampire Chronicles, NOW THOSE ARE VAMPIRES....<br />
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I agree Twilight SUCKS! Oh and so do the movies YUCK!

You are right sis...everyone goas araond twilight here and thare but when i watched it i fell asleep after 10 mins its boring....