Okay, so I'm not going to repeat how the books and the movies stink, and how poorly the books are written in general, and how the author ( I haven't even taken time to learn her name properly, because 1)  it's waste of time and 2) I don't see any use for it  ) should be thrown in front of the real aristocratic vampires from other series and left there for good. The worst books the humanity has seen in a long time. But here's one thought I had after my Twilight-maniacal half sister told me about how cute this particular thing was:

Jacob falls in love with a baby??? Now, I understood that there was only that imprint thing or whatever and no sexual relation, but still...  is it only me or does that sound a bit pedophilic to other people, too?

Uupiic Uupiic
1 Response Feb 7, 2010

i know my sister told me the same thing i gaged to make it even more interesting why didn't the author just kill bella and make them gay now that would have made it better .lol. no seriously thats sick i think one more falls in love with a baby in the book to,are we the only ones thinking wtf