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I liked Twilight when I went through a pathetic, angsty phase in high school. My girlfriend at the time was really into it and I thought I'd check it out. My first mistake was in thinking that I should  be with her anyway. My second mistake was trying to like Twilight.

Girlfriend--whom I'll call Rachel--was "in love" with two people (me, supposedly, and somebody else). She read Twilight and apparently equated herself with Bella. Life became whiny, tear-filled, and dramatic. I waited a year and a half for Rachel to get over the other person. I was patient;I don't know how many times she cried on my shoulder. Finally I went to college and discovered what a normal relationship feels like.

I have big problems with Twilight now for a number of reasons. The biggest one though, is that it encourages girls to be passive. Bella really doesn't have a personality. I think that's what appealed to Rachel most--she saw herself in Bella because Bella is like an empty cup that any reader can fill with what they want to see.

What's worse, Rachel actually argued that Bella was a strong female character because of the "hard choices" she had to make for Edward.

Twilight, which is really big for preteens and teenagers right now, models unhealthy relationships and calls them normal. It is not OK for Edward to watch Bella while she sleeps. It is not OK for Edward to tell Bella who she should and shouldn't be friends with. Finally, I don't care how much it hurt Edward, it is not acceptable to leave someone and then just disappear. Bella's extreme reaction to Edward's absence (New Moon), however,  demonstrates just how dependent she had become on him. In my opinion, Bella needs therapy and a personality transplant, and Meyer should retire from writing altogether.

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Totally agree! Espacially on the Edward watching Bella 'sleeping' part, the last time I checked that was called BREAKING AND ENTERING!!!!! At least according to my mom and shes a REAL cop. Nobody wants to come home to find their bf lurking in the shadows like somekind of weird stalker, its creepy and VERY disterbing to say the least. My friend was talked into reading the series by the ladies at the local library, who also loved it! But she informed me it was tolerable and lukewarm at best, the whole 'so bad it was good' kind. Then when New Moon came out and the **** hit the fan, it was just horrible!!!!!!!! And was so pissed off at the author she actually went to and made her own fic just to vent the feelings out. And ended up with a comment that she wrote the characters better than Meyers did, now in my opinion. Just to understand the whole thing, I read BOTH books and the fic. And finally understood THAT was the highest praise!!!!!!

Haha...anger guy and glitter guy. That's an apt summary.

you are so right but i don't get how people could possibly be lured into reading or watching this saga, i watched it and hated it but not because i hate romances (if you could call this romance) but there was nothing to like eg. a whiny girl in love with a man who wears glitter and is abusive ,or that she leads a guy on that has a anger problem and can kill her as fast as the glitter guy and whats worse glitter guy and whiny girl have a kid that the anger guy marks to have as his partner in years to come. well that says it all (CRAP) and people ask me why i hate this saga so much

i personally have no opinion on Twilight other than that i all these crazy fans are exactly that... insane... anyway, you have good, sound logic and everything you said was true and makes sense. thanks for a good story :)