Waste Of Time

Overcome with an incredible amount of peer pressure and media pressure, I - against my better judgement- read one of the twilight books.

 I thought it was stupid, waste of time and effort, time that  was taken away from me in the cruelest and most annoying fashion. And then i watched the movie - once again, against my better judgement- , if i could tolerate Belle in the book , then i found her to be completely irritating in the movie.

Seeing as the world is filled with twilight fans , i cant help but conclude that perhaps it is i that is stupid, perhaps i  lack the sophisticated mind that's needed to fully appreciate the master piece that is the twilight saga. For all my stupid brain knows that book is probably filled with all manner of intricate and complex story lines and subplots about the endearing spirit of love.

Yes its probably me that is at fault.



LuluVegas LuluVegas
22-25, F
Mar 1, 2010