Like Fingernails On A Chalkboard....

I have a new friend. 

We met at a dinner party recently, and really hit it off, so we exchanged phone numbers. She's local-ish, and I was super excited since local friends are few and far between for me. The next morning, I get a text from her. Just saying hi, and reinforcing that the number exchange wasn't just one of those things you do, but never follow up on. I send a note back. Get one back. I'm beginning to realize that my new friend is apparently a texter. And usually I don't especially like texters. I send a text when I have something quick to say, and a phone call is either inappropriate or the answer isn't time sensitive. If it's a conversation, I'd rather be on the phone. 

But I hate, hate, HATE the texters who don't use whole words. It's just irritating to me. Maybe because I'm a book lover, and a word lover. I just want the whole word. I'm not so overwhelmed time-wise that I have to leave two letters out of a word to make my schedule work. So I'm always apprehensive about new friends. 

She's a texter. Her texts are sometimes long-ish. But she writes out the whole word.

Yay : )

I think I can deal with that. 
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Why do all of the comments on my story say it better and more concisely than I can? <br />
<br />
*clears throat*<br />
<br />
I mean...Yes Lilt, exactly. <br />
<br />
: )

I think it all sucks. I am too old to learn a new language.<br />
Especially one that is some dumbed-down code.<br />
Say what you mean and spell what you say.

*bows at the sock* Society dictates. And the weak conforms. Sad huh?

I have idea what that emoticon is, Lilt. And Bbb? <br />
<br />
Is that the better business bureau?? <br />
<br />

<}#. ...Bbb !!!!

*giggles at Sylphy*<br />
<br />
Yes, yes...I know. But it's okay with you because phone calls would be super expensive!! : )

I guess... damn distance... grrr...


I love texting! You know that. ;p<br />
<br />
But I text the whole words. I don't like it when they email using text words. THaT is just not right at all. Gives faerie a headache.

*shudders at Mary*<br />
<br />
I just can't do it. Texting a lot, I mean. Even at work, if I can get away with a phone call instead of an email, I'll do it. I just feel like I can get my point across better when I speak. <br />
<br />
Although those who know me might tell you otherwise. ; )

*giggles at TH*<br />
<br />
I'm guilty of that as well...

Super lazy...I have to think about it to even do it...:-/

<i>the intentional mangling of words</i><br />
<br />

I h8 txt spk 2. And the intentional mangling of words. UGH. Yay for new friends!