I'm alright with txt spk, if you're actually using a cell (mobile) phone.  I'm also alright with a typo here or there, or even people not knowing how to spell a word.

But I hate it when someone wants to carry on a conversation with me in a chat room or messenger, using txt spk.

I've learned to ease up if I see the person txt spking to someone else, unless I'm in a mood.  However, if it's done to me, I don't put up with it.

I'll either flat out ignore them, or read what they've said literally.

Like the whole "you" vs. "u"
"How r u?" generally gets a "I'm not sure how that letter is doing.  That letter and I stopped talking about a year ago or so, we had a fight." response.

The shortening of already shortened words, it's painful to me.

I literally cried when I saw someone say to someone else "h r u?"

I'll let "u" slide on occasion.  However, if a person writes out an entire paragraph with every word written out completely, except for "people" (ppl) and "you"  (u) that drives me up the wall.

I know you're not stupid, prove to me that you're not stupid, or lazy and take the time to write the words out. Those short words.

I could go on and on and on and on about this but I'll just...

*end vent*
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3 Responses Jun 24, 2007

alas, this is becoming the norm, and like unused muscles the ability to write clearly will atrophy; think back to the book 1984 where each new dictionary released has less words - less words allows less thoughts as you don't have the words to fr<x>ame those thoughts; think of this and look at today's youth...am I worrying for nothing???

As you say, on a cell phone is one thing; as are typos. But when I see an EP question in txt, I just ignore it. There was one today - you had to open it to see the entire thing - and it was approximately two paragraphs of txt spk. I closed it and moved on - didn't even attempt to decipher it. I guess it's like - if you can't take the time to write it out, I don't have the time to try and figure out what you're trying to say.

Right on!!!!