How Conceited Is This?

Maybe this will be for the best...

I do understand that maybe groups need to be distinguished from others, and the occasional 'u' for 'you' is whatever.

But there are a lot of groups I really relate to that I just couldn't join because I feel like the bad title is a reflection on me.

Okay, I know how bad that sounds, but maybe this can serve as a sort of PSA for groups out there. If we're here to meet people and share like experiences, maybe spelling isn't important. But maybe, if people wonder how nobody else could possibly feel like they do enough to join the group, I would at least take a look at that.

I had to say it, come on, we're open, right? Everything I want fixed is in the interest of bettering this place for everyone. It has done so much for me, that if I can give back at least a little, I want to say what I think should be said, no matter how horribly freakishly condescending I sound.

That said, I love you all ;)
KarmaFred KarmaFred
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i didn't know it was even possible, or something ep would look into changing..i was thinking i'd let people know in case they wondered why no one felt the same :) and i know ep stays very busy on our behalf, love you guys

We are working on fixing the groups with typos in the title. Its a more complicated process that you might think :-)

I like the faint irony here, in that your story doesn't really match the title of the group! :D Ha! Sorry, easily amused. But yes, I find the same is true for me in some ways. There are many titles that don't really describe how I feel about something, and titles don't leave much room for subtle variation. That said, if every title matched every person's story perfectly, we'd all end up with one group per story. So I just find the closest group and stick with it. But I do hate typos in the titlees :P