Hey Guys guess what!? ITS CALLED ******* MUSIC. Why DO you guys hate U2? Compared to all the other aritists who sing about sex, drugs, infidelity, partying and rape, how is U2 the worst thing to happen to music? Bono sings about God, his two daughters, his wife, things like redemption. And people always say "how did THEY sign with a record label that usually signs with talented artists?" Hmm, maybe because that label thinks they're good. Or people complain about the band's activism and charity work? Seriously? How could anyone complain about these 4 guys going to third world countires to help starving children, working with country officials to help fix political corruption and poverty and donating money to chairty?
I mean, do you guys realize how ridicoulous you sound?

"Bono's a **** and I don't know why he just is."

TheyAreJustABandPeople TheyAreJustABandPeople
Dec 1, 2012