When People Show Up On My Doorstep Unannounced

It drives me CRAZY! There are certain people you CAN'T turn away. And then I have to sit there and "entertain" them. And I always feel like they are sitting there looking at everything, judging it all. Honestly, I think I would rather never have company at all.

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4 Responses Mar 5, 2009

I feel terror when someone drops by because I'm a hoarder. I can't even have most of my family visit.<br />
My goal is to have an open door policy in roughly 4 weeks. I'm moving and getting rid of about 90% of what we own. My daughter is my motivator to never actually hoard again (I'm at risk of losing her), but I need to have unannounced guests and a nosy apartment manager as external motivators to stay neat.

OMG! thank you for pointing out how rude it is to stop by someone's house without calling first or without an invitation. Why do people do that??? I CANNOT stand it! The level of annoyance depends on who the person is. The in-law's are the worst! I mean, like I'll be doing yard work or cleaning and I'm all dirty and icky and no one else is home so I have to stop everything and play nice hostess and there is really no point to them being there! But its hard to complain because they are such great people and so good to us but still, folks, its just rude...we need to get the word out!

Yeah, real simple. Then they would call 911 after banging on my front door, back door and bedroom window and me not answering the phone because they think that something must be wrong with me and I can't make it to the door or phone. Then my door gets busted down and I get in trouble with the rescuers for nothing being wrong with me.

Just don't answer the door or pick up the phone.Its that simple.